How would you place this image?

Hello, I have recently been taking photos in a studio. Now I will need to place this images in a environment.

See for example this one
(main image is how my images is looking)

And second image is how I would need to place the images.

I know this is doable, the result might look made up, but aslong as it looks something like normal it’s fine.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

Are you trying to insert the image of a couch into a made up environment?

Are you asking how to do it, or are you asking for suggestions on what types of environments?

Sorry, feeling a little confused by the question :slightly_smiling:

If looking for a suggestion, that would make an awesome outdoor lounge on a covered patio.

Or an enclosed sunroom. I personally see the former though, looks like a great patio set :slight_smile:

What I wish is simply placing the picture in an outdoor environment. But I do not really know how to do this, for best results. You might be able to help me with this? Please come back with an email address where I can contact you in that case.


I apologize if there was a misunderstanding but we’re not interested in offering our assistance.

To be quite frank, we’re flat out too busy for requests.

I was simply trying to be helpful and suggestive. I recommend you checkout Envato Studio:

There are a lot of quality designers, developers and etc., eager for opportunities to work. You’ll find good resources and reliable ones too. At least I hope you will. From all we’ve heard the experience is usually A+.

If you still cannot find someone, you can checkout our website (you can find it on our Themeforest profile) and drop us an inquiry, but it may be another 2-3 weeks before we’ll be able to do anything unless something changes, though doubtful, sorry.

All the best!

Hi @simonfo! This may not necessarily be the best or most comprehensive tutorial, but the fundamental techniques and tools demonstrated in the video below should be a good place for you to start. For more detailed Photoshop and photography tutorials I would also encourage you to check out the thousands of tutorials on Envato Tuts+. Hope this helps you with what you were looking for!

Thanks for the answers! =)