How would you name this music track. Please help.

I just composed this cinematic piece of music and struggling to find a proper title and a description about the mood of this music.
Please have a listen and help to put this track in a category.
What do you feel? What pictures this music creates in your mind?
Any comment and suggestion would be highly appreciated!

"Sunrise in the forrest"
You almost can see it…5am in the morning, the forrest wakes up…the bees on a flower. A colored butterfly. A small rain drop falling from the trees. Small animals waking up and hiding behind the trees. So quiet, but also so alive. And then you see it. The sun light, shy in the beginning, appearing in all its beauty from behind the trees. And then it becomes so strong, covering everything in light (2:05)…

I’m not sure what to say about the category though…

Fantastic piece of work. It simply takes you to another world. My suggestion for the name is “Sunshine Kiss”.

Good track with beautiful light mood can be - a “new beginning”. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, Thank you for the thoughts, finally I decided to call it “Heart of the Highlands”