How would you improve this track after a reject?

Hello everyone there in the forum!

(Little intro of myself)
I am Francky Iside, a self-taught musician from Madagascar (user soundparkp). I love playing the piano (12 years), I am in love for romantic, post-romantic, impressionist, flamenco and cinematic music. I have played as a pianist at professional level in 4-5 stars hotels as well as luxury restaurants in Italy and in Poland, for many years. I am passionate for digital music too and recently I begun introducing in music production world. Thank you for accepting me in this forum and community.

(The topic)
I have received a hard-rejected after submitting this tracks:

I am not sure why, and don’t know what to improve, so I would ask you all to give a feedback or tips, as you are more experienced.

Thank you in advance for any help!
Kind regards.

Hey again, soundpark! The soundcloud link doesn’t appear to be working. Perhaps try reposting it?


Hey @SeththeHuman, thank you for reporting the bug.
Here is the SoundCloud link:


For me:

  1. Sound is too midi. Very unnatural.
  2. Pan disbalanced to left side.
  3. Composition not best too.

Hi @Sunday_Music,
Thank you for your letting my your opinion :heart:
Work in progress on this track…


Mix some remix and rock type song in your voice which will improve your sound.