How would you change stock music licenses?

Hi everybody!

In this topic I would like to discuss our beloved music licenses. Many of us remember those hard times when there were only 2 licenses for music. Oh how much disputes there were in the forums!
But Envano quickly(maybe not) reacted and rolled out as many as 5 music licenses. For which many thanks to them!


What if the licenses were even more flexible? And the prices are even more impressive? And yet after working in the film/tv industry, I realize how insignificant the price in 304 dollars for the most expensive license is. :slight_smile:

In general, if you are willing to share about how the list of licenses and its prices looks like in your dreams, go for it!

Let’s imagine that you have 4-6 types (maybe more, maybe less). How they would look like?

P.S. I do not in any way want to say that Jungle licenses does not suit me.


Hi there - Audio Jungle is not a boutique music library, the doors are open to everyone to submit their work. We all choose to participate and accept the T&C’s and prices on licenses. The current license tiered system is fair and to raise license pricing would harm Envato’s standing in this area. If you are requiring more money then I think authors need to seriously make their way to the boutique libraries. I personally think the current system works and is fair to authors and buyers.

I think a compromise would be to add some kind of Exclusive license.
Meaning it can be sold only once,but for a very high price.Just a little lower than a market price of similar track created for single particular project.
And then give authors option to control what items in their portfolio can sell only one time by such license.
And with that license track could be sold only 1 time for all time.And after that it is blocked for sales.
If track has got sales than it can’t be bought as an Exclusive item.
In that case author will get good amount of money and buyer will get exclusive track.

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An item buy - out license would be problematic in that some items on this marketplace would possible sell more in it’s life time than a one-off purchase…look at the popular files list. Also how would Envato determine a price for such a license and how would they come to a fair figure?

Yes,I agree about popular files.That’s why I said that it’s author’s choice (responsibility) to make some item exclusive.
And yes…pricing such item is a very difficult task.

+1 for exclusive license. In this scenario author should have possibility to set pricing of this exclusive license. But still, item should have been available for standard licences. After first sale of that item, “exclusive license” should have been disabled. After “exclusive license” sale, item should be removed.

Actually, quick question in between… when did AJ last raise the rates per license? Or haven’t they ever?

And by the way, congrats @RedOctopus for the feature post here on Envato :wink: