How would you behave in this case? fellow Author/buyer is asking me for source files in return for 5 stars?


What would you do in cases such as this?

Scroll down to the last comment and view the entire thread (there’s also a few emails he sent)


Without having seen the emails he sent, i would say the 5 star rating is not in return of the source file.
He said he would purchase the items and rate it, but also wanted to know if he can change certain aspects right?
Also add to that, it is a bit in broken english… so in my opinion, he means no harm. (again, without seeing the emails).


@SpaceStockFootage & @RobertSlump - Thank you for the feedback, the emails are a bit more daring, but not available for everyone to see.
@cyzer - what would you do? big fan of your work & reactions :wink:
Additionally, always thought the concept of rating systems using them after purchase rather than before?
Is it ok to use ratings as an ultimatum or as an incentive ?


I’d either provide the file he wants, politely decline to provide the file he wants, or come to some kind of finincial agreement so he can have the files he wants.

What I most definately wouldn’t have done, is to accuse the guy of blackmail in the comments section of your item. There might be more to this than I can see from the comments, but based on what i can see… I’d agree with the guy that you came off as rude.


i thing this is against the rules and morals. Buyer feels like having power over you by using ratings to demand for something he has no right to demand.


I don’t think you understood correctly what he wanted :slight_smile:

He says that he intends to buy your item and he will rate your item with 5 stars.

But, before buying it, he needs to know if instead of that human, he will be able to use a horse.

And to be sure he will be able to do this, he asks you if AFTER he buys and downloads the purchased Premier .aep file, you will help him by giving also the original .aef file (not included in the purchased package from what I understand) to be able to modify the 3d design too.

:slight_smile: Not sure if my English is 100% correct too :scream:


I think what is @greenline said is true. Man just want to change model from human to horse so he asked for initial file. And he will give you 5 stars after that, nothing else. It is hard when two people with bad English are trying to explain what they want and what they need.


i would simply ignore such kind of guy.


It was the second time he did it, telling me he’ll purchase and give me 5 stars in advance.
In the Mandy & Charlie comments, he’s saying specifically, I wanted to motivate you to help so I brought the 5 star up as an incentive.

What would be the case if any author would say: "Rate me 5 stars and you’ll get a free item?"
That’s right - it’s wrong.

Rating should be discussed or made after purchase, not prior.
Obviously, its all a personal opinion.
When used as an incentive from any side of the transaction (whether author or buyer) to get any benefits - it feels abusive to me.


guess you still don’t understand what man asked you…


Maybe you don’t understand and English isn’t your #1 language either.

So here is his quote:
“I interest your 2 diffirent products. I want to motivete you for helping. What is wrong? I dont understand you.”

You are NOT supposed to use the rating system as a “motivator” for helping and requesting source files. Thats it. simple.

There’s no such thing as an .AEF file. At least not related to After Effects.
After Effects Templates come with an .AEP file. Every author knows he’ll get in case he’ll buy a project.

He wants the 3D source file to replace the models with a horse, according to what he’s saying. (He is also an author in the same marketplace)

Then, if the author is refusing to help or send source files - threat him with an: “Ok, I don’t give any star and write rude author, if you want?”


You’re absolutely right… but there was no need to speak to him like that. You were rude though, so if he wanted to leave 1 star for you being rude, then he’d have every right to do so.

Would have been so bad to give him the source files? Not neccisarily for free, you had an opportunity to upsell right there. Something along the lines of…

“Hey, thanks for getting in touch and thanks for the offer to rate my item five stars. As kind as that is, I’d much rather buyers rate my items on merit, rather than for any services or files I provide over and above what’s actually included in the item. I’d be happy to provide you the source files for an additional fee OR unfortunately it’s my policy not to provide source files, but I’d be happy to create what you’re looking for on a freelance basis/you’ll be able to find somebody to help you with this on Envato Studio/you should be able to find tutorials on such things here etc etc”

…would have been more professional and diplomatic.


He doesnt have any right because he never bought any of these items.
You get the right to rate after purchase.
Demanding things and blackmailing with ratings to get them is illegal.

Thanks for teaching me about professionalism, much appreciated.
If were on the subject however, is it professional as an official envato moderator to encourage this kind of behavior towards authors?


IMO he didn’t ask for the file in return of the rating. These are two separate things.
However, if you don’t want to give the file, thats ok too I guess. First a purchase.
It’s not about exchanging/blackmail etc…
What SpaceStock said is right and could have been more diplomatic…


hi buddy

looks like he is our fellow author and he loved your work and wanted to purchase the project and give you five stars showing how much he likes your project . He is lack of knowledge about your work. Iam sure he is asked for ae file instead of 3d files because he did not know that it is pre-rendered. As @SpaceStockFootage said you missed an opportunity there you might get a sale. you must have told me politely its my hard work I need to do extra work for your need and that will be chargeable like that. Some time i have given source files buyer contacted me purchase extended license and I had given him that project file because without that 3d project he can’t do anything with current ae project.; Its the one situation

But lots of time i told buyers its chargeable so if they are ready i made what they want and if they are not i don’t


Yes, english is not my 1st language, but as I told early and what was confirmed by @greenline and @MotionMAX guy just want version of the project where he can change horse to another model and if you will give him this file after he bought the project he will give you 5 stars as a gesture of good faith. In any case it is up to you.

In case of rudeness I agree with @SpaceStockFootage. You were rude where was no offence to you but a request about 3d model, it was your part to explain how this project made what can or can not be changed and negotiate the terms of how this can be resolved.

About rights to comment and rate before purchase - simply you can’t rate anything before you buy it - it is how this market works, non buyers can’t rate items. So this returns us to the moment what the guy wanted? He wanted to buy your project, asked for initial file where is nothing prerendered so he can change model and asked can you sent it to him. As a gratitude and motivation for sending this file he will rate this project 5 stars after he bought it. But in the end I think you just lost a customer and 5 stars.

As for threat about being rude - If he buys your project and still ask for the version where he can change model and you reply him In a way you replied before than I think he has every right to point that you are rude. But looking in the context I think man was trying to explain his point.