How will software development be in 2030s?


What is your insight for coming 20 years? Will we still be coding for web or mobile?

10 years before there were MVC frameworks, most of them are still there but today we also have MVVM. I guess it’ll be a long road for React/Vue/Angular.

My assumptions:

  • React will have a larger market share and stronger community, will standardize problems like store.
  • Angular 7 is not that different from 6; so most probably 6 will be the last major change in Angular history and Angular will have horizontal development phase in this architecture.
  • Java SpingBoot and .NETCore may have a broader market share.
  • More data-mining and AI tools like tensorflow which integrate with web &mobile applications.
  • Backend will be more microservice oriented. I expect a bright future for GraphQL.
  • Augmented reality will become a serious thing, a new trillion dollar economy.
  • iOT may open new markets for application developers,
  • Netflix or similar tv channels may create new application concepts.
  • Google will still be there but SEO will be more semantic, less keyword oriented.
  • Facebook will still be there but more content oriented.
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