How/where can I complain?

HI guys

I bought a WP theme and I have difficulty configuring the home page of the theme. I’ve logged 3 support tickets with the author and they claim that they never got it. I even sent proof of an auto reply that I got when I logged the ticket. Someone from their offices contacted me and said that they would have to quote me to help me. They just don’t seem to want to help me with the issue that I have. What can I do about this? See comments here:

Hey boerenooi,

Please open a ticket here: : )

Thank you SO much. :slight_smile:

hi, yes u have to open a ticket but u should check also if the things u are ask are part of the maintenance issues because if u ask for support that is normally not included and u don’t talk about having the guy being paid, then , i guess he doesn’t want to work for free on the thing u ask …

After buying the theme, it states that I get 5 months support. I merely wanted to know how to make a webpart work to only show a paragraph of formatted text, because they did not include that in the theme. Any response on the matter would have been great. I logged a ticket through their system, emailed them and also sent a message through their contact form on their author page with automatic confirmation that it was received. I missed my deadline on the launch of this website, because for some reason they didn’t get it…

It’s sorted now, after emailing them again. So the “case is closed”.