how we can refer members?

how one can refer members on envato marketplace? Especially on GraphicRiver.

Maybe you want ask the affiliate program?

hi normally u have to place somethign like ?ref=username at the end of a link for this

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thnx @n2n44
thnx @Loc_rabbirt

EnvatoMarketplaces’ referral program needs an update.

A powerful affiliate program would benefit to all, and it would lead almost FREE promotions from thousands of AffiliateMarketers. Everybody would win.

If Envato make their referral program more appealing like its competitors ; we all win.

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What did you have in mind?

^ Thanks a lot for your reply, friend.

Of course, I am not an expert on affiliate marketing, but I can surely say that this system is NOT attractive to NEW affiliate marketers. Referring is too difficult (I really mean it). Especially when you think about Google’s new updates (The old Penguin / Panda and upcoming ones) - EnvatoMarketplaces’ niches are too difficult to refer new members because they have too much competition among marketers (WordPressThemes, Social Plugins, Email Plugins, VideoEffects, SoundFiles, Flyers etc. etc.) and there are hundreds of thousands marketers competing with each other to display their websites on the first page of Google. There are thousands of competitors, but there are only 10 Results on the first SERPs of Google.

So, if we want to have more affiliate marketers, we must make it attractive and worth the effort.
Else no one will care to promote EnvatoMarketplaces when there are easier AffiliateMarketing schemes with 70% - 50% referral profits.

For example, the rule “if a user is visited the marketplaces before it doesn’t count as a referred member”

  • What if the user visited the marketplaces 2 months ago but didn’t signed up, but later they see my link on my own website and visited the marketplaces and purchased something? Does not it deserve the referral cut? It surely does.

There are of course successful affiliates here, but the key is to attract NEW affiliates.
For example, give a small percentage of each referred member’s future purchases to referrer.
Just an idea. I am sure that we can come up with new solutions to make Affiliate Marketing “ATTRACTIVE” for new referrers. NEW Referrers are the key to grow.

We need more “flexibility” on referral rules of the marketplace.

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It is all my thought :slight_smile:

@SpaceStockFootage i just want to earn the reffer badge. Thnx

I just want to earn the Power Elite badge! I’m getting there, one $8 motion graphics clip at a time! :grinning:

Advance congo

Any future developments about the Referral Program?

Bro, This work well -

Thank you!

Hey @sunilpatilin
this link will not work anymore

This is Envato Market New Affiliate Link

yes if i remember well this system was changed last year and now a subscription is needed to be able to be an affiliate …

The new affiliate quite difficult to register, even me who have few referral still unable to register it, so I drop the affilite with envato now.