how we can protect our website code?

Hey all, i am currently developing a theme. i didn’t know what is the good choice. when i finished website should i use that theme as freelancer or should i upload here for public. becasue if i sell here then someone copy my PHP or HTML code for their theme… so is there anyway to protect our PHP & HTML??? :frowning: :innocent:

If you use it as a freelancer for a client site or if you upload it here as an author won’t make any difference to someone ripping the code if they want to.

Unfortunately there is only so much you can do e.g. Minify the code etc. But this still will not stop someone getting it if they really want to.

Ok Charlie sir actually you are right. i have a question i want to join themeforest as an exclusive author but can i use that theme as freelance developer for other employer?

That’s a good question - you may need to buy a license of your own file but I am not 100% on that as it is yours.

Maybe ask envato to be sure

Yes, you can. Look up the following licensing FAQ which is specific to what you are asking:

Do I need to pay to use my own items within the applicable license terms?

No. You can use your own items for free in your freelance work for clients. If you’re exclusive, remember you can’t distribute your own items elsewhere.

Example: You could use your own web template for your client’s website.

Ok ok got it Sir. Thank you for your valuable time. :smile:

Thank you Typps. :smile:

Realistically speaking. Unfortunately you can not protect your code. In some freelance projects that are outside ThemeForest are a variety of ways you can protect PHP code. Depending on PHP frameworks are a variety of solutions but not for wordpress. An example is this … But HTML, CSS, JS will still be duplicated … with just double click “inspect element” .

@naimishmakawana Just yesterday I had a discussion with people from Copyright Envato Team about 40 such sites. Unfortunately I could not do much. Owners disguising identities through various means. Google gave me no answer yet ( these sites are indexed on Google ). CloudFlare not gave me an answer about owners (these websites hide their name servers with CloudFlare). It’s a game of cat-and-mouse, killing your time and you will not solve anything… At least that’s my experience.

A few links from my discussion with Copyright Envato Team :
Sending a DMCA takedown notice |
How to remove illegal results from Google Web Search |
How to use the Whois Lookup Tool |
Tools you can use to report illegal links of copyrighted work |
Additionally, we recommend that you read the following post which contains helpful details to protect your copyright.

Update : Yes, you can use your own work in freelance projects. If you are Exclusive Author you can not sell your items elsewhere.

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@thezoc When I said “Yes, you can”, it was in response to:

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wwwooopppsss wrong reply. it was for charlie

thezoc thank you for the imformation sir.

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