How valide the personal token on Envato before to try to register The Grid

how to validate the personal token generated in Envato Token Generator before trying to register The Grid via wordpress? when trying to register we received the message “purchase not found”.
On link the link
there is the following note:

" N.B: You must valide the personal token on Envato before to try to register The Grid otherwise it will not work

N.B: Because the registration system makes some requests on Envato server, if there is an issue from Envato then you will not be able to register The Grid. In this case you need to wait several minutes or hours before to try again."

Can someone help me? Because I did not find in the Envato site some topic to validate the token as mentioned in the above note.



Most probably, the token you’ve generated does not have the required permissions (most probably it should have at least these checked: )

But to be sure, maybe the plugin author @Theme-one could help us a bit here?

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Ok, we’re waiting for the author’s statement @Theme-one.


About the token permissions, the link provided on the documentation already set the ones required for the plugin.

For any issue about The Grid plugin, you should directly open a ticket on our support forum:

I will be glad to help you about plugin activation on the support forum.

Thank you.


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HI @Theme-one

When I open the ticket I get the following message " The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again.". The license that was sent to me is invalid and this field is required in the ticket form. We need to solve this problem, the project is stopped because of this. You need to generate a new license, please help me.

So, it means that your license is expired or you do not have any license of The Grid from your user account. So, please make sure your support is still valid (6 months on inital purchase) and that you are login with your Envato user account from where you have purchased the plugin.

Okay, The grid is embedded in the PIXXY theme of @fox-themes , I contacted the support but no one answered me so far. The theme was purchased on 03/31/2019.
@fox-themes Can you help me please solve this problem?

When a theme includes a 3rd party plugin it does not provide a license. To get support you must purchase a license of the plugin.

Hello there,
We are deeply sorry for the delay,
As far as I can see, my colleague has replied to you about 2 days ago.
Would you mind to check your email? In case you still have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
I will be waiting for a reply from you.
Have a fantastic day!
Best regards,

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I have the same issue!

I purchased IKA theme from True Themes?

I have an error message when i put my personal token into the WP theme.
Envato API error: Forbidden

I have ticked more than one of the permissions.

I can’t see where i need to validate. When I go to this link -
It says this code but it doesn’t explain where I need to add it or what I do with it. Can someone help please? - does this mean in the grid plugin editor somewhere?

“Insert it directly into the authorization header on any API requests”
curl -H “Authorization: Bearer [redacted]”

“total-items”: {
“total_items”: “7411418”

I have been in touch with the developer of the theme but I could do with an urgent response if anyone can help.


Got similar problem. Trying to register The Grid via wordpress, but all I recieved is the message; “please wait…” and nothing changes.

Halo… I can’t register The Grid…
Theme is Reflector.