How toiInstalling theme NativeChurch

How come I receive the theme update of ThemeForrest - NativeChurch by email and not via the WordPress Dashboard?

Hi, NativeChurch comes with built in theme updater. You can look at it on the NativeChurch => Welcome page. For more information you can always open a ticket here:

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Those emails are sent by the Envato Market to notify you.

Good afternoon,

I have a question: when I use the child theme NativeChurch, and there is an update of the parent theme NativeChurch, do I have to install the parent theme?

Or will all translations and adjustments I made in the child theme be lost?

This question is very importent for me. I hope you can help me. Let me know if asking this question costs money. And can you perhaps also say how much?

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Arend van den Brink

Hi there

Sorry but this is not a right place to ask questions about any particular theme. This is a public forum for general discussions. I suggest you to open a ticket here: for all your questions related to NC theme or email at info[at]