How to Write Epic Orchestral Music

Today I released a video in which I show you how I wrote my Epic Orchestral Music Track “Final Frontier”. It really goes in depth. I talk about which virtual instruments I’ve used, how I did the combination / layering of the different libraries, how the rhythm is build up, strings, brass. Show you the entire midi mockup. Etc.
I hope it inspires you and helps you to write your own epic orchestral music!

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Great video tutorial! I found out some new tricks. Thank you for this! :sunglasses:

Great to hear that it brought you some new tips! That is the main goal of my walkthrough videos: help you write better music for media :smiley:

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Hi !
Cool video, I like how you use short articulation to support rhythm on percussion(Great Tip).

May I ask you how did you manage record audio from your DAW ? Because I try do it by myself I download OBS with ASIO Input and still dosen’t work for me, I use same interface as you, by the way.

Thank you.


Hi @gh0stwrit3r,

very interesting video and track, thanks so much for sharing your experience in orchestral music, very helpful!
Do you make tutorial about other genres?
I’m ‘roberto flora’ in youtube, we have already written to each other!
Best wishes! :blush:

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wow, it`s very interesting, i will subscribe your channel!

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Thank you very much!

I use screenflow for recording my screen. I’m not familiar with OBS (studio). When I activate screenflow Logic automatically selects the right settings.

Hi Roberto,
We’ve met on YouTube indeed. Good to see you here too :slight_smile:

I do other genres too, but my passion is cinematic/orchestral music. I’ll try to do one video a week. More walkthroughs and other tutorials are on my topic list already.

If you have a special question, topic, genre that you would like to be covered in one of the videos (and I’m able to do it), just ask!

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nice video! always great to feed the community with tips and tricks :wink:

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Definitely! We never should stop learning and challenging ourselves. And sharing knowledge and experiences so others can benefit from that too.

I see so many people asking for help here on the forums cause their tracks had been rejected. I hope my videos/tutorials will give them some guidance and inspiration too and help them pursue their musical ambition.