How to write a good documentation?

Hello guys, i am designing business card templates and i think i am bad at writing documentions. Is there any tip for writing a good documentation, and can you give me some samples. Thank you for all.

LOL if your items are not accepted this has nothing to do with this … the market is super saturated and a lot of guys who have their card items simply bring nothing new to the table …

As true as this is, we should still help them with writing their documentation.

yes u maybe right buddy , but who knows the “recipe” for this kind of thing … some, like me, have a simple help file and this is fine … now if some guys want to spend much time to create crazy things this is up t them … now not sure that anyone can really help for something so very personal where there is no “established rule” …

only one rule in help file, to help buyer understand what your item is and how to use it. no matter how simple it is as long as that can help buyer to understand your item, you are good to go.
So, dnt spend too much time for creating this, just focus on your item, bro