How to work through envato studio ?


I recently was in touch of a client and she is ready to work with me. But she said “keeping myself on safe side I will go through envato studio and you can finish my job”

Now, I have no account on envato studio how can I work for her ? Can any body guide me what to do or what she can do in this regard ?

And by working with envato studio how is she safe as work wise our team will work same code. I am curious here please help me out.


You have to register interest but there is no guarantee that you will be approved to become a provider.

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Better to explain the client that you work directly. Do the work the on a milestone basis and get paid for each milestone. Safer for each party.

The main difference with studio is that envato take payment up front but withhold this from the supplier until work is compete and both buyer and supplier are happy.

While milestone approach is much better than all or nothing type payments, a lot of people prefer having the security of the project effectively being safe guarded by envato. On top of this as studio is hand-picked suppliers there is (in theory) a degree of reassurance around the quality of work etc.