How to work on multiple HTML pages

How to work on multiple HTML pages for eg If I have 20+ pages, to update header do I have to copy paste header code manually on all pages?

use a code IDE such as netbeans, Brackets, Atom or many others that will let you edit every file with 1 command, I do it with brackets, Find and replace in files.

Thanks for clarification @Gareth_Gillman

If this is about creating templates you can also use a template egine like Twig/ Nunjucks or Jekyll to generate the templates. In that situation you would have a menu HTML snippet which you only have to edit once.

Yes It is about creating HTML templates to be submitted for themeforest. But if we use template engine like Jekyll or Twig then it will come under ‘Static Site Generators’ right?

You must use an advanced IDE, one of the best of all is Visual Studio, for you problem it can do this:

  1. Replace one line or a block of multiple lines of code
  2. Auto formatting of all page code
  3. Search and replace in all solution or only opened file or only specified file extensions

If you want try a IDE this is sure the best, it is for every code lenguage but the features of only HTML/CSS/JS are extremely good and cover all the needs more of all others IDE. You will need to combine it with these addons:

ask a developer to convert it into php files. Then you can change only the header once and the modifications is going to be global

Thanks @ThePixor @sodasi_web for the suggestions.

You can use the template engine for development only. You submit the templates it generates.

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