How to withdraw Impact Funds ?

Hello Community,

How can I withdraw my funds in impact website (affiliate) ?

I don’t see any withdraw button,

and is ’ tax document ’ required to withdraw or no ?

Thank you


Please go to impact website logged in and in left sidebar you will find a dot dot dot (…) click on that you will find ‘Settings’. In settings page you will find ‘Withdrawal Settings’, click on ‘Withdrawal Settings’ and set your Withdrawal options.

as far I know yes tax document is required.

For more information you can contact with Envato Market Affiliates Team @emile_b ( or



Hi @celtano did you submit your tax information to Impact Site ?
Tax is important at Impact Also!

If your account is 100% perfect the you will see like this dropdown at Right Top

There you will find about withdraw option.

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@unlockdesign that right top dropdown Withdrawal menu will show Withdrawal History not wothdrawal options/settings.

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Yes you are right that is withdraw history but if his account isn’t ready then he can’t see his account ready.
@celtano Withdraw setup right there then then

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Thank you so much @mgscoder :wink:

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Hi @unlockdesign,
I didn’t submit TAX information and I received my payment without any deduction :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

My opinion submit your tax info at Impact Radius.
Tax information using for reducing vat/tax from your earning.

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Yes I will do it,
I have another question please @unlockdesign,
I’m from Tunisia and I used a Payoneer card to receive my earnings,
Can I set my country to USA as I have a Payoneer card, which is an amercain bank ?
Can I do to avoid the deduction of 30% of US Sales ?

I think you can add USD based Bank but i’m not sure about that they deduction of 30% or not cause you are from Tunisia. My opinion ask your question with @emile_b i hope he can more clear you about that.

I think the data is shared from your Envato Account, at least that’s what I know! Best to ask support in this case! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @celtano,
Impact isn’t currently offered as a payment option on Impact, currently, it’s just bank transfer or Paypal.

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