How to verify that a client downloaded the item?

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I need your advice.

Imagine a situation where a person downloads a pirated copy of a theme somewhere, then comes to support and demands a lot of help. You ask that person for a purchase code, and the person says it does not have one. You say that there is no support without a purchase code.

Later this person comes back with a valid purchase code. But you understand that the item may not have been downloaded by that person. Thus, after you provide tens of hours worth of help that person will be able to easily get a refund no questions asked since the theme has not been downloaded.

So the question is how does one verify whether an item has been downloaded?

You cant.
What you can do, is to actually ask for validation of the purchase code.

Many many many many many many plugins do it nowdays to " enable " features and work properly, same is what some themes also do.
It is alloweded as it seems or if it is not allowed, as they are big players who do it, they just trick the system


Thank you for your response! I think it would be easier if Envato just added the “downloaded” option to it’s API, so that by entering the purchase code I could also see whether that client has downloaded the item.

If I’m not mistaken, contacting via the form includes information also if it’s downloaded or not

I thought this too but just checked, and it only says if they purchased or not.

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Although I’m pretty sure it shows you whether they have downloaded it or not when they ask for a refund.

Yes, it does. :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot!

Keep the emails or ask them to post the details on the item page. Once if they ask for refund, you can claim that you have already provided support

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