How to verify a content uploader owns the content?

So I’ve been using the same opening song on my videos since October of 2020. They always get flagged on YouTube, I provide the license and they go away. Lately, however, the YouTube entity (Soy Sauce Label) keeps refusing my license. There’s no info to contact them, and the song is titled differently than Envato (It’s Technology Dubstep by LukePN; in the search bar put YM2CGJS), on YouTube under the claim it’s called ‘Be the One’ by Avalon, claimed by Believe Music on behalf of Soy Sauce Label.

It makes me think the uploader doesn’t own the song. What are my options here? (beyond deleting the audio for uploads, but this is frustrating - this is what I came to envato for in the first place)

I appreciate the advice!


Try to contact directly by email to the author through the profile;

Thank you for this! I was using envato elements and not audiojungle; did not think to look there.