How to Validate your Sale?

Can someone guide me how i can validate the purchase code provided by person is correct or not. How do i know he is my buyer or not ?

Thank you

hi, normally if someone buys from you, when the person is contacting u through the mail in your profile page , envato includes a link where u can check if someone has bought from you and what … i hope it could help :wink:

I am aware about it but does any other method as some time buyer contact us directly via our website or email not associated with envato accounts.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

There are some tools listed in here:

Or if you’re making your own then check out the API, it allows you to verify a purchase code:

I have my own support ticket system here where people enter a purchase code: and on my bbPress forums they enter a purchase code too:

I’m also working on a new product called “Support Hub” which will be a free plugin that lets authors verify their purchases and provide basic support. It should be released shortly :slight_smile: Keep an eye out on the forums.

Hello dtbaker, you are just awesome !! Many thanks .