How to use template when creating a page?

Hi I want to use the template in the recommended page builder plug in. How do I use these templates to build my page?


Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue


Thank you. When I bought SEO Crawler, one of the selling points was the templates. How can I use one of the pre-built pages listed from the previews?

Ask your item author they will guide you to reach your destination but remember author are not responsible for customization but they will give you their won item support like bug fixing, if you didn’t find something etc.

If you mean this theme then you can reach out to the author @GoodLayers (who coincidentally are one of the most respected ones on envato)

For what it’s worth - all themes will have page “templates” plus Goodlayers have their own page builder. You can import demo content or use these as a starting block to build your own pages

If you check the documentation with the item then most of this will be explained

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