How to Use Tags to Improve your Forum Experience

Tags are an integral part of how our forums work and you’ve been asking to make tags more functional and a way to mute tags you’re not interested in. We have listened and we’re please to provide a few tag tips and tricks that will make your forum experience even better!

###Make sure to tag your post

If you want your post to be seen by the right people, be sure to tag it before you publish.

The tag tool is just above the Create Topic button.


You can tag your post with up to 3 tags. So if you topic spans different categories, go ahead and add multiple tags.

###Sorting by tags

You can sort the forum by tags clicking on the all tags button and selecting the tag you’re interested in.


This will allow you to see all the posts across all the forums that relate to that tag. It’s very handy.

###Muting tags

You can further refine your experience by muting tags you are not interested in.

After selecting a tag from the all tags menu you can use the circle button beside New Topic to mute that tag.

If you have muted a tag, then topics that have ONLY that tag will not show in the latest or new lists. If a topic includes a tag you have muted and one that you have NOT muted, then it will still show in the lists.

You can mute as many tags as you like.

This is a great way to customize the forums so that you never miss the topics you are most interested in.

You can also mute categories in the same way :smiley:

We hope these quick tips will help you make use of and enjoy the forums even more!


Thanks Travis.

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This is very useful information for many users. Congratulations.


Great new features! Thanx!

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Great feature!

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Great new features!!! Thanks envato:slightly_smiling:

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Great features

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Thanks for this effort.
One thing also would be nice - watching / unwatching single topics (with sort of watched topics list in profile menu ) … just a suggestion :slightly_smiling:


What happen if a Post contain a Tag which is muted along with a Tag which I would like to see.

Example: I muted “Audio

Now an author posts new thread : “Embedding Audio in Web Design”

Now he added tags : “audio” and “web_design

My question is, am I able to see the Post in Front Page in this case?


Yes you will still see the post.


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Awesome :smiley: I love how “mute” tag work :smiley:

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Great. Now I think I’ll be more on forums since I can see only the posts I’m interested in. :slight_smile:

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