How to use Motion Graphic clips?

Hello, I have just purchased Butterfly Blue Swallow Tail, but I found no instructions of how to use it on FCPX. Can anyone point me to the right direction please.

Thank you for any help.


The download of my purchase only has two .mov files in a folder, nothing else.

While some motion graphics items might contain additional files (After Effect, FCPX, Premiere etc), the majority are just video files… which seems to be what you have bought here. If you need anything specific, then you could always try contacting the author via the contact form on their profile page:

Thank you very much SpaceStockFootage2. This is very helpful as I am new on FCPX effects. I shall contact the developer. However, from the sale information, I get the impression that I can use the butterfly graphic (video) and put in on top of other background layers (such as flowers) so the butterfly fluttering over the background, and not a video of a single butterfly flying over solid black background. I may have missed something here.