how to use after i bought social media covers

Hello can you tell me how to properly use and save social media covers …

i bought corporate social covers kit ,but when export it in png with photoshop and upload on facebook its very blurry , what i am doing wrog can you help me with this?


  1. Check the documentation / help file from your downloaded package. Maybe you are missing a step.

  2. Ask the author of the kit in a comment here:

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i have asked ,he said :slight_smile:"This isnt fault of cover, its facebook machenasim to reduce quality of cover. If you want to remove map simply hide map layer by clicking on small eye button in the layer and if you to remove pattren double on map layer and goto pattren section set some adjustment according your demand and then save it to png again. "

but i dont know ow to do it i have photoshop but can you give a tuttorial link or something how can ido it and properly save file?

Come on no one can help? look at the youtube version Totally blurred

If you want to remove the map then make sure the layers panel is visible then find the layer in Photoshop and click the eye icon next to it OR just delete the layer entirely.

FYI you are breaking all sorts of copyright laws with that hero image and using celebrity faces to promote your channel