How to update the Afterr Effects project?

Hello! I have uploaded the project AE of version cs 6, and now I want to update it-add version ae 2019 in addition to it. What should I do? Should I go to Update Item & Tags (requires review) and download only a new zip with the ae file, or do I need to completely reload everything, include the previously downloaded one?

You can upload only ZIP file. But I don’t quite understand why you need it. СS6 easily opens in CC2019

CS 6 doesn’t have an “Essential Graphics” panel, but the new AE 2019 does. I want to add the ae 2019 version with the already configured panel “Essential Graphics” so that the buyer can make a mogrt if he wants. Should I do this or not?
I just want to separately upload the file of this project to the video hive, but already 2021 MOGRT, with the ability to replace images.