How to update Revolution Slider after purchasing independent license (slider came with my Creativo Premium Theme)

Hi! I use RockyTheme Creativo Premium THeme for my Wordpress Site. It came with the Revolution Slider, but without automatic updates or support. I went through the process of buying the Revolution Slider Plugin independently through ThemePunch.

Now, I just have no idea how to activate my purchase/get automatic downloads happening in my Wordpress site. I would like to keep the slides I currently have. I am afraid of accidentally deleting them.

Please point me to instructions on how to do this. Thank you!

If these instructions do not work: then try this:

Make a full backup of your website, and export your slides ( )

Remove the current Slider plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress

Install the latest version of the slider plugin that you downloaded from

See if you are prompted to enter your license code.

If you still do not see a way to activate the plugin then the theme has most likely disabled this. Contact the theme author for further instructions.


since you are our customer now you can also contact our premium support at to guide you through the process.

Cheers, ThemePunch