How to troubleshoot unwanted changes in Swift 4.0 migration?

According to most of the iOS app development professionals from all over the world, the latest Swift migration process appears to be pretty much easy and flexible. Experts believe that the process is fully automated and completes successfully if all of the required steps are effectively followed. The dedicated migration tool that comes with Xcode 9 makes things pretty much flexible and easy but still users need to focus on certain elements and tips in terms of manual customization.

According to the officials, the issue navigator appears to be the most relevant section when it is about making manual changes and customizations to the set of assigned targets. Issues might occur even if you have appropriately chosen the best SDKs, sheet, targets and compiler options. You can easily redo or customize any accidental changes by simply referring to the convert option that can be found under the edit menu. The option exclusively enables the user to reset any target to the current Swift syntax. Any complex issues can be reported to the officials via the bug reporting file with necessary attachments.
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