How to translate Salient with Loco Translate

I want to translate Salient with the Loco Translate plug-in, but the theme is apperently not fully configured for this. I would need a XML file specifying translation details as described here:
Thank you,
Lydie van der Wurff / Het Tijdschriftenpakket

You have plenty other plugins for translate. You can use WPML plugin.

Off course. But Loco Translate has already been installed, and works very well with a lot of other plug-ins that I use. So in order not to have to configure everything again, I was just checking if it is possible to make Salient work with Loco Translate. Besides that, Loco Translate is free of charge, whereas WPML is not.

You have free and paid Loco plugin.
And that is a problem you have spend free translations for your site.
Also for more informations you can contact Salient developers and open ticket.