How to Transfer a Theme and Link the client to the license

I am retiring from web design and I want to make sure that I transfer the theme licenses to the client properly

In your documentation you state: "If you create a website for a client using a WordPress theme, you could give him the theme as long as you deleted it and linked to our license "

I have to delete the theme from my files, but how does one link the theme to our license so it is in their name?
Also, how would the client be notified of updates?


David Mongillo

You can provide the purchase code to the client but they will never be able to access support or direct downloads (that sits with the purchasing account).

If it’s a compatible WP theme then you can use the envato plugin to setup auto-updates as/when they become available.

Hi Charlie,

How will the developer who takes my place get theme support? This is really important for my clients.


Dave Mongillo

It’s possible if they have the purchase code but the support and updates are only ever linked to you as the purchase account so it’s not certain

What if they buy their own copy of the theme?

Then they would be able to get support etc.

The only consideration is if you have modified the core theme and if so how you did it to prevent any theme updates breaking customisation