How To Tell If A Message To A Vendor Went Through?

I just tried to use the Contact feature on a vendor’s page to ask a question about a recently purchased item which I felt was better asked privately than using the comments area.

Upon clicking the “send” button, I was logged out and redirected to the home page of envato market!

So I turned off my browser’s script blocker and tried again, explaining what happened in case they got the same message twice. After resending, I was still redirected, but not logged out this time. There was no “Message Sent” or “Message Failed” information displayed.

Since I see no “messages” link in my profile I am unsure how to confirm whether my message went to the seller or not.

Does anybody know how to check on this?

Since all the emails sent via the contact section are recorded, I suggest you contact the Help Team and ask them if your emails are delivered to that author or not. If the emails aren’t delivered, they will know that there is a bug and they will fix it.

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I wasn’t sure if there was something in my profile I was missing or not.

I’ll contact the team now…


That page just keeps reloading when I click the submit button (yes, script blocker is turned off, all required fields are filled in, and the recaptcha answered correctly!).

Hopefully this is related to their database issues and will be fixed after they take their downtime next week and work on it.

I don’t suppose there is an email address for support that can bypass this malfunctioning form?

That’s weird, I have nothing to ask about so I can’t test it to see if it works for me. Perhaps you should try another browser.
Usually they reply to me from this email when I open a ticket on their system, try emailing them manually, but I’m not sure if that works.
Last solution I’m aware of that might help you is tweeting them @envato_help and tell them your issues.

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Thanks again, Osama.

I think I may have an idea why this is happening, but can’t test it for a couple hours.

Part of my online work involves fighting piracy and I use a VPN along with my script blocker whenever they have a chance of getting my IP Address. I’ll try from my other computer after done for the day with that stuff.

Usually if a site has issues with a VPN it openly says so with some kind of message similar to the java script blocker alerts from sites that require java. It is very rare that a site objects to it, but it has happened when country-specific restrictions on content are in place.

I can understand if that is the issue and have no problems not using it here, but some sort of warning would be appropriate, especially given the nature of their products here.

I was just trying to do two different jobs at once. I can be patient.

Thanks for all your kind help. I’ll post how it goes from the other 'puter.

I’m glad to help you, I hope the issue is as simple as what you think.
I hope it goes positively from the other “puter”. :grinning: Good luck!

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Well, I am unsure if that worked or not!

I revisited with no VPN and no Script Blocker (My Gosh! - How can ANYBODY stand to use the internet without such tools?? The sheer number of annoying ads and pop-ups is scary without them!) but had the same results. After using the contact form, I was redirected to the home page with no indication of whether or not my message was sent :frowning:

With all the people selling templates containing contact forms here, I’d expect better from envato!

Hopefully it is just the database issues and I will try again on wednesday or thursday to give them time to fix things.

Thanks again for the help and advice.

This is not an urgent matter and I can wait until they have time to repair known problems before raising new ones for them.

I’ve just created a new account to test out the contact form on my profile, I can say that it works for me. After I clicked the send button, it kept me on my profile page and gave me an indication that my message was sent.
Also there should be no ads on Envato Marketplaces, if you do see ads on Envato Marketplaces, then you really should check your computer.


I guess I do have something on my 'puter then.

The ads were the old “fix errors on your pc” things - always suspicious things to see.

I’ll try adding a screenshot:

Looks like the pic uploaded.

I’ll run some diagnostics and hope it fixed things.

Thanks muchly for all your effort.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to wait for the database fix if I don’t turn up any nasties on my machine…