How to Survive...


I did a month of these earlier this year, this guy has done 311 days worth!!!

We should all try this at least once, as cold as it goes, 5 minutes… suck it up, you’ll love it :smiley:


Hi friend ; an Envato author is capable to do anything especially after the USA tax issue. :wink:


Not to sound like a massive wuss, but don’t you risk catching a cold? :slight_smile:

lol you’d be suprised at how cold you aren’t when you get out… body feels like it’s on fire… try it :wink:

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Now friend, please try this one. This is infamous “TIBETAN FIVE RITES”. There are 5 movements, and each one of them should be repeated 21 times. Believe me, this is very hard if you do the movements “right” and “slowly”. Those excercises are also called as “fountain of youth”, you can also do your own search by Googling “TIBETAN FIVE RITES” :slight_smile:

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A big like to this article. It’s great thing. I do walking barefoot on the snow once per day or two, make snow shower once or two per week depending on weather and a few times (at least once) during winter of polynia diving. I found this even much better than just cold shower because the fresh snow which keeps it’s crystal flakes structure is a real magical thing. I’d compare it to like a blacksmith working in yourself: this moment you catch and connect all pure nature elements at once! :slight_smile: Clear mind and body refreshing. And a great reminder of the things we really need to feel lively and happy are pretty close to take :wink:

Perhaps I get it easier than some else because here where I live for example the snow diving during vaporarium is enough usual and popular fun.