How to Survive in the Jungle? ☘

:fist_right: :fist_left: Hello everyone!

Today, I want to create a new topic for discussion and exchange of experience, as well as advice on what to do next and how to survive in the modern realities of commercial creativity:

This is the end? A new beginning? :smiley:

How do you survive?


Nice topic.
I think we should all work harder and improve the quality of our work and value it accordingly. The subscription services in a way are threatening the “normal” market-place, but it also opens doors because we can argue that one-time licenses have huge advantages. Think about it: this marketplace in a way increases in value because it has lots of music that hasn’t been discovered or sold a lot. When you are part of a subscription site you know that possibly all the music is downloaded all the time and used everywhere.
A bit like all-you-can-eat versus a specialty restaurant.
I think now more than ever is the time to value our work properly.

Just some thoughts, maybe too idealistic, maybe not haha.


Sorry to cast a negative cloud on this thread but the recent (last 2 years) has shown what is happening to this marketplace as it continues to divide the author base into included and not included. As the battle for subscription services continues, as royalty free music descends into a give-away scenario assisted by authors who are willing to sell their items at a non-profit margin. The once buoyant AudioJungle no longer exists in it’s former glory days as a market leader and ignores the required changes needed to revitalise a very tired and stagnant marketplace.
Too many authors who do not come to the forum to see the effect of their behaviour will ultimately destroy this place with their high-jinks and so we just sit quietly and watch the lights slowly switch off for the vast majority around here whilst the key holders watch.
Is this too dystopic? It did not have to be but market trends and demands change and so services such as this have to as well at the cost to it’s prized assets, content creators. Pop has eaten itself.

PS. “How to survive in the jungle?” Upload interesting, different and high quality items only. Do not create bland and boring content and hopefully with a diverse portfolio priced sensibly then you raise your chances of survival. Of course it is only a matter of time, the clock is ticking…


:fire: Thank you guys so much! For your feedback! Your opinion is very important to everyone! :heart_eyes:


Sorry for the bitter note but it’s kind of trying to find out how to make a Blockbuster video store venue profitable nowadays. Well… it just won’t happen. There’s simply no way to survive in the Jungle anymore and there won’t be. Ever. That’s it. We’re beating a dead horse. Alternatives for a clumsy form of adaptation:

  1. Keep your parents, wife or husband paying the bills and convince them to eventually buy you some gear.
  2. Make it to Elements. It’s beer money, we all know it. It’s the elefant in the room, but hey, it is what it is.
  3. Make an online course on how to make a steady income opening a Blockbuster video rental store.
  4. Make an online course on how to see failure as a temporary stage before success.
  5. Stay away from negativity. Everything is awesome just the way it is, despite it’s clearly going down the drain.

Sorry again. I know, reality is so outdated and uninspiring.


This highly “Inspirational Epic Motivational”

“It is what it is” - my 60 cents worth.


Yeah, I know, I’m epic and uplifting when it comes to ukulele inspiration for the hapiness on the business success. That’s just so me and my graphs prove that everything is upbeat in the future technology. We should probably be grateful we still don’t see a 404 error in the landing page.



Some day the forum will actually inform and wake up the whole author base and show what is really going on. I appreciate your postings here and they only reflect the truth…I just hope that authors will finally realise and make this marketplace into something good that will benefit the whole community and resurrect a once valued audio resource that had a good reputation. Oh well…

“It is what it is” - for now (my 60 cents worth)


Thank you guys for your thoughts! :+1:

It is likely that I still enjoy receiving sales :slight_smile:

This is an unusual feeling!!!


Mmm… ok. This goes without a speck of irony, one sync single license music is dead and gone, if you you’re expecting to pay the bills and bring food to the table doing it. Of course, I’d wish it wasn’t as it has been my main income for years but subscriptions models are taking over and I hardly doubt (actually I couldn’t be more sure of it) that would change in the near future.

So, ways to survive, and again this goes in a totally constructive spirit:

  1. Produce unique, top notch quality stuff that’s impossible to find within the subscriptions services and price it accordingly, unless your goal is to make it to the payout threshold. The problem: that takes time and these days the chances that your work gets completely unnoticed are enormous.
  2. Related to the previous point, aim to higher end libraries. The problem: It’s tought to make it to the big leagues, but it’s possible. The palm muted guitar free Kontakt instrument and sampled happy whistling VST won’t make the trick, I’m afraid.
  3. Go back to ye ole custom works and teaching. At least, this is what I did and it worked for me. I totally admit re-works and “final tweaks” are not my cup of tea at all (and that’s what I found amazingly relieving about stock music) but the composition requests are normally much more interesting and they eventually will generate some PRO passive incomes afterwards.
  4. Make it to Elements and other subscription models. Yes, it’s what killed the one-sync licenses along with the price dumping but I guess there’s nothing else to lose.
  5. Don’t make comments like this one ore you won’t ever, ever, make it to Elements.

My 0,60 cents.


Thank you for your tips and recommendations! I see many authors who managed to reach the main stable income from the EnvatoMarket. I heard that stable earnings will start from about 100-150 tracks in the portfolio, commercial suitability. It’s very quiet at the moment.

Good morning from the UK. Size really does not matter, if what you do with it works and the marketplace likes it then everyone will be left with a smile on their face.

My 60 cents worth.


Side note; this is very well written.

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Good evening :watch:

Thanks for your recommendations guys! :handshake:

Continue in the same spirit…

I wish you all creative inspiration and survival! :wink:

I will be happy to try these techniques!

I had two sales today! Woooohooooo!!! :moneybag: :+1:

For authors, this is a kind of motivation to do even more good material. But after that I got two cancellations of sales for today :joy:

Tell me how to react to this?

It is very strange!

Sulking over my whisky glass works for me. Pour another and things will get better. :tumbler_glass: :grimacing:


Clap and then stomp the door;)


the answer is simple: make a Quality track and work on quality and not quantity)

$5 that will always result in sales, appalling return on revenue but who cares when number of sales only matters.

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