How to submit ticket to get support for free theme

I downloaded a free FoodTruck theme from CreateIT.

This page says limited support is available for free themes.

Their support mechanism seems to be submitting a ticket.

Submitting a ticket, here
fails because it requires a Purchase Code.

Following the instructions to find the purchase code, here

I click on Downloads and it says I haven’t bought anything yet.

How do I either a) get support without a Purchase Code, or B) get a Purchase Code when I haven’t bought anything?

This doesn’t seem like it is a problem specific to CreateIT. Seems like it should be an issue for anyone with a free theme, but I can’t find any discussion about it.

Typically free themes do not provide any support (hence why they don’t come with purchase codes)

On all Free file downloads it says " This item is September’s Free File of the Month!
By downloading this item, you agree to the terms of the Regular License. Support and updates are not provided for free files."

Check out this month’s one


Perhaps so, but CreateIT’s support page says:

Each product comes with it’s own documentation. …But, If you still have a problems please feel free to [open an issue]! (The link takes you to a page with instructions for opening a ticket.)

Scope of free support

We can help you with:

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features

Do it seems like they intend to provide support.

That sounds to us like they are talking about the scope of the ‘free support’ that buyers get when buying themes, rather than support for ‘free themes’

Nowhere on that page do they mention that they support free downloads. What they’re talking about is what they consider “free support” which comes included with each purchase for 6 months.

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Oh. 8: -(

So my best bet is…
posting questions in the forums here?

You can post it here but I don’t think anyone would be interested in to provide free support for the free theme you have from another author.

Why don’t you purchase the theme and get the free support? It sounds like you like the theme and I think you could thank you to the author by purchasing it.

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Just to wrap this up…
The author replied and there are no free versions. The one I downloaded was a pirated version.
That’s why the support page didn’t handle that case. So, we’ll purchase the package.