How to submit more music?

Hi everybody! I am a new contributor on Audiojungle, I uploaded my first 2 files about 2 months ago and I noticed that I am allowed to submit just 2 files per month. I also noticed that there are some new contributors who joined Audiojungle more or less in the same period as I did but they already have uploaded more tracks than me. Did I miss something? Is there a different way to submit more tracks monthly? Thanks to everybody!

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@BozzProduction .

Follow the link in the post above.

Thanks for your answer! I have read the article you sent to me. If I understood well if I have more than 50% of the approval ratio I can upload 30 items per month instead of 2. Right? Thanks again.


The ratio is 70%, no?

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50% after last update @Manriquedelara

Really? the first one ratio was 50, but it was changed to 70.

With the above in mind, we’re going to be increasing the submission limit approval ratio to 70% starting midnight tonight AEDT, 1st December .

Well. then is my bad. I linked first link then the updated one, i didn’t know there is a 3rd one, though. So is it 70-30 right now?Yes. Update. @Manriquedelara was right.

Ok, dont worry. :blush:
Sometimes is a little bit complicated with so many information.

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There are great information available here.