How to solve the current Facebook APP authorization issues?

As we all are aware about the current issues about Cambridge Analytica and due to that Facebook is applying more strict rules in accessing data using Facebook APP. So how are you guys solving the issues with your plugins that uses Facebook APP to fetch data? How can we get the APP authorized so that our code can fetch data from Facebook beside the basic info?

As you can see Facebook clearly mentioned that they will be reviewing manually each and every apps created recently and also in one of the screen you can see that they are not reviewing any apps for now due to changes in there platform.


Still waiting for response from the community :slight_smile:

Hi, the Facebook message says that if your app only requests the name, profile photo and email address, the app does not require approval. What other information would you need from user?

Maybe until Facebook finishes the changes, if you need other info (like user’s location) you could extract it from somewhere else? From the browser if that’s the case or from other phone info? Or directly by adding a field where you ask the user about his location?

I don’t know another method. :frowning:

We are trying to get events from the user profile.

Still just waiting :frowning:

@NinjaTeam I see you have lots of plugins related to Facebook, so how are you guys handling the customers in this situation? As every day I am getting support query from existing customer who purchased my plugin asking question related to this issues. How are you explaining to your customers about the issues?

Yes, I’ve been handling lots of requests also and I explained the issue to my customers clearly then ask for their patience and waiting. Most of them accept waiting, a few asked for refund and I accepted.