How to solve situation where plugin is not working and author not replying


I have bought a plugin which ain’t working as expected nor advertised, frankly from beginning plugin had quirks and small issues but got it somehow working with help of team behind it.

However now I found a new problem where the plugin is not working and can’t be used for the purpose I bought it for. I had no reply from authors on emails nor comments on the plugin page in regard to the problem I have.

At this point building website around this plugin is lost time and I can’t trust the plugin to work for what is advertised. How to solve such situation?

Hello, @danc77

Welcome to the forums! If the plugin is not functioning as described, and you have already contacted the author, please open a Help Ticket at the Envato Help and Support

Our Help Team will be to investigate the refund request.


Thank you for your reply I would prefer to try and get this plugin fixed since if I cant get it working I will have to completely rebuild the website. Will try to reach author once again and if no solution will open a support ticket.