how to shrink huge movie to 150kb? somebody-please help

Can anyone help me please :slight_smile:
I need to shrink a huge-weight movie animation (it’s short 8 seconds length) Intended for web banners, the final swf banner must weight 150 kb maximum (200x300 size) . I tried Quick-Time format but it shrink the video to 300kb, mpeg4 even more…, Flv- 300kb also… Can you advice me some great codec/ encoder or other squeeze option, Format? *note : the banner is for Google publishing…
(the origin movie is in After-effect - latest version, also i have avi. file// in old version of After there was many flv shrink options but not in latest After, For my sorrow)


You should have created the banner ad in Flash instead of After Effects as its very difficult to reduce to the file size(150 kb)without losing the quality.

For such a short and tiny clip h264 codec should do it. Look for mp4 or mov file format. Adobe Media Encoder that comes with After Effects should be able to do the job. Also MPEG streamclip app could help if you’re on Mac. It’s free.

thank you! i will try it :slight_smile:


I used to create rich media banner ads way back in the day when I started out in the world of professional designing and stuff. From what I recall the banner itself can be created in flash and then the video is called in from an external source and therefore can be larger than the 150kb you suggest. This is done for those flash banners that play movie trailers and the like. Is that what you are trying to achieve?

This is a really flakey answer I know as I can’t recall the platform/s etc. that we worked on but I am sure with a little spot of googling you can find the correct answer.

thank you very much for your advice,
yes i trying to achieve exactly what you described,
i know that designers make that with recalling external source but what exactly they do?.. and is there the simplest way to do it?
do you mean creating loader which loading the movie swf ?

I think also h264 is ok for what you need.