How to setup support system with Envato login.


Please guide us to setup the support system with envato login system.

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Give me more details of what you want to do!


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I have a plugin on CodeCanyon, Now I want to create support system for those who purchased the plugin.

To join they just need to enter the Purchase code and the ID,



We would like to introduce you our newly released product. Helpviser is a CRM platform that includes a “support portal” and comprehensive analytics tools for Envato Authors.

Here is a list of some features:

Ticketing system with Envato purchase code verification.
Display all the essential information belongs to customers who submit a ticket. These are license type, support period, review, and comment on the Envato product page, e-mail, and country.
Display your sales and other Envato data with an elaborated and UX optimized interface.
Get live notifications (new sale including renewed support license, review, comment, and badge on Envato).
Get live notifications via Slack integration. - With Mailchimp integration, you can create an e-mail list with the consent of your customers. So, you can send a marketing bulletin for your new products.
With Google Analytics integration, you can display the traffic of your Envato page and compare it with other metrics such as the number of sales and the number of tickets.
Display payouts, statements with a detailed interface.
An unlimited number of support agents.

In brief, Helpviser is not just a support portal, but a comprehensive CRM system where you can get to know your customers better and analyze your Envato sales in detail.

Helpviser has been verified by Envato in Market Extras.

You can start your free trial to discover all the features:

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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