how to set up downloaded intro into windows 7 movie maker

Please can anyone guide me on how to set up my downloaded intro into windows 7 movie maker.
Many thanks in advance.

It will depend a lot on what format the file is. What is the link to what you bought?

Hi…and thanks for your fast response…the link I bought was…Item by AuroraVFX
Cinematic Opener
Cinematic Opener
Regular License

VideoHive / After Effects Project Files / Titles / Water

If it’s an After effects file ( then movie maker won’t work with it. You will need Adobe After Effects to use it.

That is an After Effects Project file, as the name of the category is implying. You need Adobe After Effects to edit the template with your texts / graphics, then you can output a video and import in Movie Maker if you wish so.

edit/ Charlie beat me to it

That’s great Charlie …I will try that…many thanks once again.

Thank you to you too Creative…much appreciated.