How to set horizontal menu fixed in Sash template

Hello… I have purchased Sash template. Is it possible to set the horizontal menu fixed? I loaded switcher page but I did not find a way.

Can you hrelp me, please?


Hi, you can go to check documentation FAQ section Navigation Style. We have clearly explained. In case any other questions please go to ask item support section. Our support team help you.

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Hello @SPRUKO ,

sorry, but that FAQ only shows how to have a top menu and how to create a wrapped menu. My question was how to set the menu to be fixed, that is, if I scroll the page down, menu to be always visible.


Please go to ask item support section. Our support team help you.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Hello @SPRUKO… it seems by asking to this community forum, I get a faster response. It seems your support team is very busy right now.

I finally got the fixed menu to work, I missed to include sticky.js file. However, I have sent a support ticket to ask if I can make not only the menu to be fixed but the whole header (including the line with the logo, icons and user profile) but no response yet.

I have sent also another support ticket because for some strange reason, in your CSS, the right border of datatable are being set to 0px width, causing obviously that border to disappear. I have overrode it and replaced by my own CSS in order to have 1px width. No response either.


Hello, We we have not received any support request from you. community forum team members not help you item technical issues. you will need to ask only way to contact to Author.

Hello We are company. We have dedicated team avilable for techinacal support. We have also avilable live chat team for pre-sales.

Hellp @SPRUKO … please see these automated replies:

I think with that I could be confident the tickets were sent, couldn’t I? or maybe I have sent the ticket to the wrong destiny.


Hi, You go to ask item support section.