How to set Facebook Page Category - Web Designer / Developer?


This is bothering me so intensely I literally want to go out and hit a face with a book! :smiley:

How do you set the Business Category title in this image to say Web Designer / Web Developer.

I seen a few authors from the marketplaces have Facebook pages and they’ve managed to set this, but I’ve searched high and low for the Web Designer / Web Developer category and I can’t find it!

Can anyone give me a hand?



There is no such category as far as I know. Where you saw?


At the “about” page choose “Category” as Local Business : Local Business. Then make sure you put a valid address at the “Address” section (I don’t know why, but for me that would be the only way to get it working). Then you can manipulate the “Subcategories” to get what you like and it will show under the name. I hope this helps.


Or define your FB page as a “place” instead of business. That would give you the option for a custom title.

Actually, what I say is basically the same as BlinVarfi’s answer. Faced the same problem few months ago - that’s the only workaround for the moment.