How to separate images

questin plz :slight_smile:
I needed a panther silhouette and bought a page with several because I really liked one of them. I downloaded it but it is just one big picture- several cats on a beige background…
I assumed I would be able to access each panther because who would need a whole page at once like that.
Am I wrong- am I supposed to sit here and cut out each one from the JPG to use it? It’s not even on a white or transparent background- I do not know what I can do :weary:

hi we would like to help u but it would be easier to tell u more if u had showed the item first … is it an illustration or a bitmat / photo?

This is the pic-

According to the item description, the download includes also a eps file. Open the eps file with Illustrator or Inkscape+Ghostscript and separate the object you want.

Ok thank you- I will go download one of them. Thanks!

u can also open the eps file with photoshop and use selection tools to select only a part of teh graphics …