How to send the source file through Envato (Videohive)...


One of my customer has downloaded the Background video. Now he needs to add few elements and animate as he wish… As we know he cant do it with rendered video, So for that i need to send source Aftereffects file…
Now my issue is
1 How to send the source file through Envato (Videohive)…
2 Can i send the file to the customer personal mail
3 Do i need to request for extra payment and how

So first of all he bought the motion graphic and not the project file.

So having that in mind you didnt sell him the project file, and I wouldnt consider sending him any files.

Only thing I would do is to say to him that that is a motion graphic background and its not editable.

If he wants customization you can provide him that for a certain price that you both agree on.

But sending him a project file I would never do that.