How to sell wordpress themes and plugin themes on themsforest ?



Dear everyboby.

Could you help me. How to sell wordpress themes and plugin theme on themsforest ? And what i need to prepare?
Please , help me .

Thanks you so much


It depends on your skills. If you are good with designing thn prepare a awesome PSD or Sketch template and upload it here and wait for approval.

If you are good with code thn try to work with designers and get your item up here. Check some good themes for reference too. Dont copy in any case

For plugins, if you can develop good code thn try to make small plugins and upload on Codecanayon and see how it goes


Thanks you so much for your help.

We are a team,we can make any things as HTML, CSS, PSD , JQUERY, PHP …vv.
Could you guide me , steps by steps can i do for completed. If you have tutorial , pls send to me .

Have a nice day.
Thanks you.


(based on WP themes - CC plugins are not a million miles off)

  • Read this

  • Familiarize yourself with the standard and level of quality/detail etc. required for theme approval here

  • Read this

  • Create the theme etc. and make sure you abide by best practice and TF requirements e.g. how to load plugins and so on

  • Read this

  • Submit it (probably best to share the demo in these forums or examples of your work to get pre-submission feedback and ideas)


Thanks best regard.

Have a nice day.


Dear Mr
Pls , le me know ? Which standard of HTML, CSS, PSD , JQUERY, PHP of Wordpress , Could i use some HTML, CSS, PSD , JQUERY of someone not on themesforest for selling ?
Thanks so much.


What do you mean standard?


Dear Mr
Standard of php code or css and html


If understand you right then you need to use the latest versions e.g. HTML 5 etc. but you can use free frameworks like underscores etc. if you need.


Thanks so for your help.