How to see individual track stats on new Impact affiliate thing?

This whole new system is a bit complicated. I only made two links there and see clicks but can’t see a list of the tracks I made links for.

Also is anybody using link shorteners like bitly for their links made there? they are way to long.



You can use shorten link and report for track

Hello @KabbalisticVillage

You can check list of reports for track, about bitly we can short link but you can also use shorten link of impact

For use latest UI of impact for shorten link you can mail to for update your UI

Thanks :slight_smile:

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which one do i click on the drop down reports menu? if i click overview i just see clicks for campaign of Envato Market…am i doing something wrong?

Hello @KabbalisticVillage

You can see videos for setup impact radius:

Thanks :slight_smile: