How to see customers remaining support time?


I like the new concept of limiting the support time a customer has for a theme. But the big question coming up now is: How can I see the remaining support time a customer has when he contacts me?
Is there a page where I just enter the itemname and the username and see the time remaining?

Thanks in advance and GLWS everybody,

Hover on ‘support’ label ( screenshot )

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I still don’t find where it is.
When I hover the support tab there is no functionality for me and with a click I see ether that this is one of my themes or for purchased themes I see how much support time I have left.

What I’m looking for is a way to validate that a customer of one of the theme I sell has free support time left, in case he requests support. So I need to check that for his purchase. Otherwise I would maybe give support to customers who have purchased the theme for more that 1/2 year or have not extended the support period.

If that is what I can do with your way, would you mind posting a bigger screenshot where I see which support tab you mean?

Thanks in advance again!