How to restrict developer for not using/selling theme when he purchased a theme on client's behalf?

Good Day!
My developer purchased a theme on my behalf from his envato account and now I have some serious conflict with the developer as he is not an experienced one.
Now,I have a downloadable file and a purchase code but all the purchased information held by the developer own envato account.
How to restrict my developer for not further using this theme…

I am sorry but you can’t do that. If he bought the theme with his account then actually he is the one who can restrict YOU from using the theme, not other way around. If you gave him money or signed some sort of agreement that has nothing to do with the Envato. That’s something you two have to sort between yourself.

The quickest way to deal with it is to simply buy your own license with your account. If you want to get back money from your developer then I guess you can sue him or whatever, but again, that has nothing to do with Envato.

+1 on this! I was thinking the same idea! That way you’d have your own activation code and you’d be safe against license infringements or multiple activation disablements.

What If I asked him to authorize/convert the theme from his
account to mine?Is that possible?