How to resolve malformed data issue in PHP script

I have submitted a CMS with PHP Script. The reviewer informed me with screenshots that
“If you try adding malformed data in any input it returns a 403.”


Probably the form: Login | Admin Panel.

But I didn’t get/could not generate any 403 errors. What does The reviewer mean by malformed data? In this form, some fields have not set up input validation like email, and number for some reason.

Does the reviewer mean that an issue?

Or can anyone provide me an example or generate the issue so that I can check & resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance

They probably meant that when the data needs to be added at some specific section but as a user if you don’t put valid information ( such as spaces, special characters, empty input ) , after submitting the form, it is causing the 403 error. If the error page is from your hosting, check the logs.

If you still can’t figure out the problem, create a ticket and request additional information.

Thanks for your reply.

Could you find any kind of issue during the check? If you found anything could you please provide me a short screen record or screenshots of input/form stage when the issue occurred?

I could not generate the issue from my end.

I haven’t checked the demo

It would be more helpful if the reviewer actually told you what page this 403 error happened on? Otherwise you and we could be there ages looking for a bug. Contact the review team as @ki-themes has suggested and see if they can elaborate.

Thanks for your feedback. I will communicate with them.