How to reset the assignment of the purchase code

Hello :smile: I just purchased a theme and installed it into my WordPress. I then noticed that my WordPress still had vestiges from the previous theme I had, and so I used the WP Reset plugin to reset the whole thing. Then, I tried to reinstall the theme, and it says the purchase code has already been used. This happened once before with another theme, and I do know there was a way to “deactivate” the purchase code so I can reinstall it. I just can’t remember what I did. I tried to explain this to the help center, but they didn’t seem to get it, based on language barriers. Does anyone here know how to reset the purchase code so the theme can be reinstalled into WordPress?

Hi @kenbkop,

To use purchase code again you have to unregister/deactivate the theme license. you can not use the same purchase code for more than 1 end product/website.

contact the theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, the theme author will be happy to assist you within their scope.


Yes, I am aware I can’t use the code more than once. My question was I wanted to know how to deactivate/unregister the license. I remember doing this myself before, at some screen some place, but I can’t remember how I did it. Are you saying the only way to do it is by contacting the author of the theme?

You have reset the whole wp. So, your theme options don’t have the theme license unregister option. In this case you have to contact theme author to unregister the theme license from their side.