how to report items?

I’m just searching for a new template for my website. On Themeforest there is a huge amount of themes without a working preview. It doesn’s make any sense that these themes are offered. In my opinion envato should take them off, at least until the author brings back a working preview… I mean, when the authors upload their stuff, the items are reviewed, but when something changes later on, there should be a possibility to report the item, so that is no longer offered, as the buyer ha no chance to see what they get when there’s no working preview. For me as someone who looks for a new website it is really annoying to have so many non working previews, it’s a hard work to seek through many possibilities to find the right one, but you could save much time when there wouldn’t be so many items with non working previews!
I think, the authors should be forced to keep their preview working when they want to sell their items. So when the preview is not working the Item needs to be taken off until the preview is working again… is there any way to report a item? I don’t find any “report” functionality on the item’s page…

You can let support know - Envato Market Help and Support

Unfortuantely as envato do not own the items, it is impossible for them to be able to police this by themselves.