How to report INVALID reviews according to Envato review policies!

Hello everyone!
We are having hard-times with some customers.

One of them, after have been using our app for almost a year, after his 6 months of support were expired and we provided support to him for almost four months for free. When we kindly and nicely asked him to continue to get support he will need to renew his support period. He ignored, and when it was weekend and we come back on Monday we see him leaving a one star review!

Another one, leaving review with one star and saying:

I am requesting refund please refund me

We have not received any support ticket from this one and no contact with him at all and he leaves a one star review and same time asking for refund!

Is that how AUTHOR rights are on Envato or what?

We should be able to report reviews from customers who ask for refund or has reviewed the app because of their expired support period directly from reviews.

It is not possible to directly contact Envato Author Help/support.

Any help here will be appreciated!

Use this form Envato Authors Help and Support

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Thanks @charlie4282 these options are not clear. Not sure which one I should chose to report a review!

I’d choose ‘my items and uploads’ (it doesn’t really matter too much)

Perfect, thank you again @charlie4282